Deep in the Heart

Dancing Solo in Houston
Dancing Solo in Houston

I love Texas. Who would have thought.

Let’s see, Austin was my first experience and for us liberal East Coast types, I recommend that as the first stop. My sister, Gabriela, was living there.  I did my  Brown Belt there with Gabz in 2004. Nia first spoke to me during that Belt and showed me what the sensation in the Emotional Realm felt like. Fire in my heart. (Love the Whole Foods there, big as a football field…and Barton Springs.)

I took Sam out there for the hottest Halloween ever in 2007 when he was 7! He was Anakin Skywalker and Talia, then about 1 1/2, poked her finger into his  chocolate eyeball. “Ball”. Sam had to eat that one.

Next Texas city was San Antonio which I heard was really more like Mexico than America. I drove down from Austin with Shannon (alias Sharon from Dallas) in her Mini Coupe that her husband gave her as her Black Belt gift. What a man! I stayed in Jan Jarboe Russell’s little house with pictures of Lady Bird, whom she had written a book about everywhere. A train went by various times during the night and the little house shook! Ear plugs helped, but not that much. I was there for the Green Belt where I discovered that if I did not ask any questions or make any comments,  I could receive Carlos’ telepathic transmission of Nia without my usual mental distractions. WoW. Loved the Whole Foods in San Antonio too.

Lastly, and hopefully not last (I have yet to explore Dallas and El Paso) was Houston. There I stayed with Helen and and a bevy of Black Belts in her Castle. We skinny dipped every night after dancing which was great since it was in the 90’s plus every day there. I did my solo there,this picture was taken during that, my first solo ever, really. And it was delicious and a little scary which made it very exciting. Helen, beautiful Helen and her whole community were so lovely and multidimensional and welcoming. Joe made amazing Body Ecology meals for use every day so I am not even sure if there is a Whole Foods in Houston.

But Texas, who would have thought! I’m definitely going back!

One thought on “Deep in the Heart

  1. I am riveted by how you have connected so deeply with so many Nia teachers Maria! These experiences sound amazing! What a rich life! xo

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