My friend, Carrie Forman, recently created a new company called Oneoneonezero. Her website is:

On her opening page are the words: We are created to create…words have power…make a mindful choice.

Ideally, we use our power to create consciously. Ideally. I am not sure how many times I am truly conscious as I make choices. In the blur that sometimes feels like my life, there are many things that appear as if from nowhere. In moments of deeper introspection, I can see when I initiated the thought that created the word that created the thing that seems so implausible.

Carrie and I were talking about this one day, about words…and about Dr. Emoto’s  words on water. About how the energy of the words written on the bottle can affect the vibrations in the water that we drink which in turn affects our inner water. Since we are made up of quite a lot of H2O, the idea of wearing something with high vibration words on it became very appealing.

When Carrie began creating these shirts, I was really eager to get them on my body.  I have three shirts now.

One has the words I am an infinite possibility”. This one reminds me to always be aware of my attitude, choices and decisions.

Then there is the chakra shirt. one word for each of the the 7 main chakras to activate and tone me: root, flow, power, love, voice, see, source. They are at once inspiration, reminders and instructions to these seven parts of me.

The third says: Ease, Grace, Fluidity. These three words have helped me through some jagged moments in my life recently.

Simplicity.  Lovely earth-loving colors. Water based inks. Next best thing to having the words tattooed on my body. And I love it because I can switch them out depending on what my day holds for me.

Check out these shirts. Contemplate simplicity. Invite consciousness.

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