The Journey

My favorite Nia classes are the ones where I really ride the waves of the music, where the transitions feel smooth, where the musical landscapes seduce me into sensation. Ruminating on this while I was driving yesterday. Roadtrips and music go hand in hand for me. I can remember trips I have take sometimes more by what I was listening to than where I actually went. I have had a similar feeling of journey in my classes recently. I think this may have been there all along, this sensation, but I had not tuned into it quite this way. Today, riding on the soundtrack of Moodfood…so clearly, the wheels are my feet, they way the music became the landscape. Journey though the 7 cycles of Nia, journey through the vertical and horizontal, moving in directions… In a class, I am not alone. Others are coming along. I look out into the class and change direction slightly sometimes, sometimes radically based on what I see. And then the journey becomes a surprise even for me who thought I actually knew where I was going.

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