Living High Like a Tree

Discipline defined as training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character

Devotion defined as a feeling of strong love or loyalty : the quality of being devoted or a : the act of devoting <devotion of time and energy & b : the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal Image

Transiting  Saturn over my Natal Neptune these cold winter months of 2014. The lesson as it comes to me is this: that if I want to experience expansion and pure acceptance and bliss in this life, then I need to simultaneously ground to the same extent that I am expanding.  Discipline and devotion intertwined, what I love must be brought to the fertile ground. Sounds reasonable. In order to grow a tall energetic tree, I need deep rootedness. I feel this. Even as I reach out with my mind to touch new things that feel out of my reach, untouchable, the more I connect to the earth, the more I sense my beingness, the easier these things feel.

My body temple, I live in you and as you.  How do I tend to the temple when I realize I am the temple? So much of my life has become about that. It can be about what I eat or what I drink, how much I sleep, what I wear and put on my skin… but on a deeper level, the way I am learning to tend to my temple is to stay in it, to listen to what it tells me via sensation, to be a loving devoted witness to it, to myself. And to look through the eyes of my temple at those around me as the soul that lives within.  There is no separation of heaven and earth, they are one and they manifest in me.

Vanessa Stone’s writing frames the entrance to my mind (From Live For the Soul):

Look toward the temple within.

Tend to the temple…

devote your attention again and again to its sacred space…

invoke the light of your awareness to inhabit this space once again.

Turn in toward the temple of the soul and drink from the cup of sweet mercy for your wandering… simply to return… again and again.

The door is wide open…

Come as you are

There is no separation of heaven and earth, they are one and they manifest in me.

The patriarchal model has been this: I am in charge and your work, your manifestations, your life force energy is mine to use in any way  that benefits me.  Your dreams, your wishes and your desires, if they do not benefit me, they are worthless. This is the travesty of believing that authority actually comes from anywhere outside of us.

I want to be taken care of, I want to be accepted, I want to be supported, but if I am not doing all this for myself, how can I blame those who recognize my vacuum as a place where they can gain. Negative Saturn. Positive Saturn, saying no to outer control but also saying yes to my dreams, my desires and my wishes and taking responsibility for making them be so and feeling all that comes with them including the sadness and disappointment when they are not coming to bear.

Neptune, I am building an altar to you in my body and Saturn, I am bringing you in as the administrator.   To help my dreams come true. The patriarchal model is ending, so how do I find the stable ground now?  When I let go of the big “father” taking care of all my needs in exchange for my life force and labor, where am I left?

I am left with my body temple meeting your body temple and both of us, all of us, working toward a planet and a place where we all can thrive. I am pretty sure there are sacrifices to be made here. That is one thing that Neptune always demands.  Fear of what will be unleashed if I surrender control looms large. The path of the renunciate has always been littered with the perceived control given up to reach a higher vibration. However, in the patriarchal model, this has also been a disembodied place.

This time is about uniting. Not choosing one or the other, but choosing both. I can be with my body and my spirit and the heart is the place where they meet my soul where the greatest sacrifice and the greatest devotion is allowing all the feelings that exist in me to be felt and expressed in the moment they arise.

The sacrifice (sacrifice comes from the Latin sacra and facere, meaning “to perform sacred rites.” ) is in allowing the emotions to move through the body, this is where control is to be relinquished, and where grounding truly takes place. Like the lightning from the sky seeking earth, the earth, the body as part of the earth can take the feelings and give them flow. Neptune and Saturn in wedded bliss. Maybe this is not everybody’s path, but it certainly is how I am finding my way out of the morass.

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