The Glitter Project

glitterThis came to me as many things do, in the shower. I am not historically a glitter kind of person.

With the holidays coming up, with the twinkling lights coming out to play, I got this urge for glitter that just felt unnatural to me.I wanted to reflect all those lights around me and to shimmer and as I dug a little deeper, was looking for some kind of fortification.  I went to Kuumba’s website and ordered body glitter.

With all the world news spilling with “terrorist” attacks, shooting rampages, climate change warnings, politicians whose agenda constists of demonization of any “other”… I imagined the glitter was going to be a way for me to stay light as I keep traversing the murky unknown. But as I began wearing it, I realized that the symbol here is more than that.

I had this idea once, and maybe I read it in a book or dreamed it, that we should all wear little mirrors around our necks with a reflective surface on each side so that we can reflect back to those we meet what is theirs and take responsibility for what is ours. I realized that glitter was fulfilling this same image for me. In these days when blame is being thrown around, in this hyper-polarization around good and evil, I wanted a way to re-member myself and choose my response in a way that reminds me of how much I love to be alive.

This kind of integrity is what true health is really about for me. Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit. What comes in, what goes out. Can I be aware of that. Can I be alert to that. Glitter me up.

I came home from work the other day and there were some bad moods floating around my house. But I was like, I have my glitter on. I do not have to take that in. NPR was going on about the same stuff they were going on about this morning… I can turn it off. This thing I am about to yell at my son about, it has nothing to do with him, but with my exhaustion… keep it… or better yet, redirect it. But I do not need to give it to him. Simple moments in my life about this.

When it comes to the collective opinions flying around, I can let the glitter reflect that back too. I do not want to internalize the fear, the lies, the crap that is being flung around. I do want to take in the hope. Like I just found out that Jimmy Carter is cancer free. Now, my glitter is moving over for that one!


2 thoughts on “The Glitter Project

  1. I believe in the power of glitter. I’m always wearing it inside myself – always – and sometimes when I get brave enough, I wear it on my skin too. Especially when I’m with my 7 year old granddaughter – she definitely understands the joy of glitter.

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