Spiraling as an Unfolding

What is unfolding in you today? What are the thoughts, feelings and longings that are reaching out into the world from deep inside you today like the spiraling tendrils of a passionflower?  Take a moment to quiet the outer and inner noise and listen.  Listen as if you are listening to the voice of a lover. What do you hear?

This is it, this is the unwinding, the unfolding of the inner life wanting to come to meet the air and sky. No matter how crazy the world feels, how much noise surrounds us or how little we are listening, the inner life persists… getting louder and louder in its call. What if we could learn to hear it at the point of a whisper rather than the shout of discord that it can become when it is repeatedly ignored?

This had been one of my favorite inquiries this year, a question I ask myself over and over again. Can I make the choice to listen and respond before the crisis? Way before the crisis. In exploring this, I learned that my nervous system was not accustomed to acting on the whispers with much urgency. I would wait until it I felt pain in my body or heart before I took it seriously. And shifting to feel  and heed the soft voice has helped me cultivate patience, endurance and humility.

What is unfolding in me today is a desire to uplift my experience of love; love in the way I express it, in the way I receive it, and in the way I allow it to move me. I literally had the sensation of green tender hesitant tendrils reaching out from my heart. If I had not been listening it could have been any other moment.  The movement was so quiet and not what I expected when I asked the question “What is unfolding in you today?”



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