Over or Under, you choose.

Sam on the beach

You are standing where the water meets the land.  A wave comes at you; you can jump over it, dive under it, or let it crash on you. I guess trying to outrun it is also an option. The jump over option lives in the realm or “getting over it” &  “getting above it” which usually requires accessing my higher self, my more mature self, being better than I believe I can be. The outrun or the let it crash on you options … both really depend on the wave and where in the process I am making the decision. Letting it crash on me could be fun, and also deadly. Outrunning it, again, how big is the wave, how fast is it going. Sometimes the outrun option is impossible.  Then there is going under. Going deeper into the emotional world, trusting that I can let the wave wash over me in the calm space underneath the turbulence. This option for me always requires trust in that place where I am submerged and I am in the unknown.

A while back I wrote about a conversation I had with one my colleagues, Alayne, about how to deal when the shit hits the fan…  You can read about it here.  All this still applies and so much water has gone under the bridge that I felt it needed an update.

I wonder sometimes why so many of us play on the shore in this way. I must have spent hours equaling months and months playing at the edge of an ocean. Always so exciting to figure out how I was going to be with each wave. Lately I have been using this as a living metaphor about how to navigate what comes at me as I play in the ocean of life.

How do you play with the waves that come at you?

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