Heliocentric Chart: the mapping of the Souls’s Purpose

Perspective; Change where you stand and a whole new world emerges. The usual birth chart that astrologers read is the Geocentric chart, where the Earth is in the center and all the planets and constellations surround that. This has always made sense to me, we are on the Earth, the symbolic map of when we took our first breath is based on this place and moment when we are separated from our Mother and take responsibility for our own embodiment via the breath.

Heliocentric charts are also cast for that moment in time when we become our own being, but the perspective shifts. In this chart, the Sun is in the center and around that are the planets and the constellations. In  a way, it a more true map of the heavens and it is said to be the chart of the Soul’s purpose. Whereas the Geocentric chart is how we tend to manifest on Earth, the Heliocentric chart is who we are when all the trappings of ego and self-identification have been stripped away. It is who we know ourselves to be from the inside out.

My first experience of seeing my Heliocentric chart was astounding. Several things happen when we move from Earth to Sun. The first is that we lose the Sun as a symbol, since it is now in the center and we gain the Earth with the Moon close by, the Earth/Moon. The Inner planets, Mercury, Venus and mars and sometimes Jupiter move often many signs and develop new relationships to each other and the Outer planets.  I move from my orientation of Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, Venus and Mars In Aquarius to Earth/Moon in Leo, conjunct Venus in Cancer with Mars in Pisces. Just on an elemental level, this blew my mind and opened my heart to something I had known about myself but had not been able to articulate. Externally, I am all Air and Earth but inside, I have always experienced myself and Fire and Water. That to me has always been the beauty of astrology, that is gives a language to deep knowing about myself that has no other articulation and looking at the Heliocentric chart took it even deeper.

It feels like this to me: In my Geocentric Earthly world of doing and manifesting, I am very Aquarian, I look forward, get mental perspective, champion the future, work with innovation, am open to change and I get emotional satisfaction and stability from working. My ego can connect to this, I can find who I am in the world here for sure. However, the Heliocentric chart showed me the deeper layer of need for received self-expression, sweetness, sensitivity and nurturing urges that I have always known to be me but have not known how to really own in the face of how I identified myself in the world.

As with any new awareness, I am still exploring the integration. One thing that looking at the Heliocentric chart has brought me is a sense of inner peace and a way to own something about myself I have considered to be a sign of weakness. In the more mental grounded way I have embodied, I did not see how to make space for an emotional and fiery need to be seen and loved.  And yet, in the YinYang created by these two senses within myself, lies something more real than the either or polarity. In essence it really is a shift in perspective and holding the tension of the two, the Geocentric and the Heliocentric has become my daily practice.

In embodied practices the tension between the two feels a bit like focusing on my body in space and focusing on the space inside of my body. I like to sometimes isolate and sometimes integrate the focused awareness. The overall gift of having access to my Heliocentric chart has been a feeling of wholeness. Seeing my Heliocentric chart brought into the light something I had been experiencing as my shadow, with all its judgmental projection and ego fortifying separation.

I cannot promise you will have the same visceral experience that I had with your Heliocentric chart, but so far, in working with clients, I have found both the resistance and the relief one would expect from having something that felt so familiar yet somewhat limiting debunked as the only reality and having something that has always been a deep knowing brought closer to the surface.

It is this grappling with the polarity and the urge to integrate it that encompasses so much of the human struggle and in exploring the relationship between the Geocentric and Heliocentric chart, I have the map to take this journey in a very personal way.

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Knowing Yourself Is the Ultimate Power:

  My passion is to help you thrive and live  into your greatness.

I began studying astrology when I was 18 years old and read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs. What was revelatory to me about her book was not only how true it all rang but also that I already KNEW it. The symbolic journey of as above so below was already in my cells and in my DNA. In the years that followed, I read new and old astrological writing voraciously and read the chart of everybody, and I mean everybody – even those reluctant ones – that I came in contact with. This apprenticeship of sorts brought me to a very clear idea of how I wanted to share this system with people. Although the esoteric thing is interesting and it is fun to speculate about past lives, I want to give you something grounded, beautiful and REAL that you can apply to yourself and your life this very moment. I bring my Nia training to bear here as well, offering body centered practices to help you embody and embrace all of who you are. In your reading with me, you will get information and initiation that you can run with and immediately incorporate.

I offer one hour natal, transit & composite/relationship readings, workshops and ongoing classes.  I am also available to  as a mentor or coach to those who are entering their journey into Astrology.

Cost for hourly readings: $150 for individual reading. Couples or composite $200. Personalized astrology classes $100/hr.

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Maria Skinner has been practicing astrology since 1988. She has been incorporating and cultivating body-oriented practices into her astrological reading and teaching since then and feels that learning astrology in this way is the best way to truly align with the cosmos both above and below.

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  1. I got a tinkling sensation while reading this – fascinating material, much of which I don’t understand (because of lack of studying it/learning it – in our culture, much of these important types of inner and astrological work are ignored). But I so relate to your words of beginning the study of astrology and Love Signs and you KNOWING you already knew it. We all must learn to listen to ourselves, deep deep down, and realize what is already there.

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