About Maria

Maria creepingI’ve devoted most of my life to learning to love being in my body and in a human mind. At some point, I realized that the only time I felt completely happy to be embodied was when I was dancing so I danced and dance a lot! My earliest memories are of being at Playa Hermosa in Uruguay and sensing the warm air on my skin. I was at the beach and the seagrass was between my toes, the waves were crashing, the sun was setting. And I had a wonderful sensation that I was not to have again until I began experiencing orgasms later in life.  At that moment, 3 or 4 years old, I was in my body, I loved all it’s sensations and I felt truly ALIVE. I was dancing with the earth. What happened between then and the time that I realized I was not in love with being anymore, I am not sure, but the path back to that sensation has been long and delightful and sometimes painful.  Since 1997, Nia has been a huge part of this journey. I feel that the practices of Nia has have helped me regain my ANIMAL body, my body that is part of the earth and enjoys the pleasures of this planet as such. Now, as I move into forms that I have been developing; BeSoul Dance & Dance Spells, I find I am again often living into that amazing erotic experience I had as a child, feeling more free and happy in my movement every day and thrilled that I get to share that with others!

As an astrologer, I bring the journey of embodiment to bear to my work. My readings will help you ground and use the things that are already in you and in our life to rise to a higher potential. The patterns that live through you are here for your unfolding. I can help you hone your map! It will be my pleasure.

For the time being, I am hanging out on Zoom. For links to classes, email me at ynfl@msn.com.


  1. Hi Maria! It’s Brandy. How are you?? I heard from Debbie Laupheimer about the showing of the film this Friday and would love to attend. Can I reserve a spot? I can’t wait to see you; I think about you often.

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