Studio classes:

~ Wednesday, April 26th, 10:00am at St. Anne’s Church, Lincoln
~ Sunday, April 30th, 10:00am at Magenta Dance Place, Acton
~ Saturday, May 20th, 10:30am at Dragonfly Wellness, Devens

Zoom Classes:
~ Tues, 11:30am via Boston Age Strong Mindfulness Series: Latin Dance
~ Thurs, 11:30am via Boston Age Strong Mindfulness Series: Spanish Fiesta (taught in Spanish)
~ Friday, 11:30am via Boston Age Strong Mindfulness Series: Zumba

Please email me at ynfl@msn.com for registration details on above classes.

I am available for private classes on Zoom. If you are interested in an individually curated experience based on your needs, please reach out. I am happy to create with you.

For class descriptions scroll down.

Descriptions & Fees

Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness: Based on play and neuroplasticity and using the 21 Simple Tools for Life-Long Comfort & Ease developed by Denise Medved. Inspired by music, come get your joy body & brain food. Movement for every fitness level.
Public Zoom classes and privates available. Contact me at ynfl@msn.com for details.

BeSoul Dance: Great music, inspired choreography, invigorating movement for every fitness level. Blending various movement modalities you will get a great workout for your body and a vacation for your soul.
For information on Lincoln, Devens or Acton, MA monthly class, please email me at ynfl@msn.com

Dance Spells: Creating reality from the inside out via meditation, writing and dance. This is a true mystery school offering. You bring yourself and all that is moving through you. We center, write, dance and release. Read more about Dance Spells below.
Drop-in $20

Seasonal Activations: Currently at Laughing Dog Yoga. For the first, we will celebrate the Autumn season, specifically this Libra time of the year, to alchemize our relationships with ourselves and others. We begin with our relationship to ourselves, and then, as we move through space, our relationship with the music and then our relationships to each other.  

The Autumn season consists of the alchemy of Virgo, Libra & Scorpio. After bringing in the harvest, during the Virgo month, we finally have a chance, in the Libra month, to see where we have gotten out of balance in relationship to ourselves and our others. During this Libra time, we flirt with what feels good, with possibilities, and create balance in how we meet our energy in ourselves and in others. This refines us for the deepening energies of Scorpio as we commit to what is truly going to erotically nourish us. 

The other beautiful alchemy in these three Autumn signs is how we can go from a complaint, what is not working (Virgo), to playfully looking for the desire hidden behind the complaint (Libra), to then passionately commit to that desire (Scorpio).  

We dance the first hour and spend the last 15 minutes in a guided meditation to connect to and bring this alchemy into our lives.

Maria will be teaching each season. Each date is at the apex of that season, all the Cardinal Signs, all different Elements – Mark your Calendars!

Sun. Oct. 9, 2022 – Autumn / Libra:  Air, energy of relationships and connection 

Sun. Jan. 1, 2023 – Winter / Capricorn: Earth, energy of grounding, building, strength.

Sun. Apr. 2, 2023 – Spring / Aries: Fire, energy of newness, inspiration, courage, daring 

Sun. July 9, 2023 – Summer / Cancer: Water, energy of nourishment, growth, flow 

Pay via Venmo: @Maria-Laura-Skinner
Pay via Paypal to: casualdress@msn.com

Dance Spells as a Creative Medium

What does it mean to create reality from the inside out? Is the inner world truly reflected in the outer world, the world I consider to be “other” than me? Will choosing and cultivating a particular inner space translate into the outer world manifesting a clear reflection of that? This question has been central to me as a mover, an artist and a human for most of my life. Dance Spells grew out of this exploration.

Dance Spells is both a practice and an environment we create. The space is internal and external. The music is a medium to ride on. There is a movement meditation component to Dance Spells in that we use the dance to focus on a feeling, an intent or an experience that we would like to explore and possibly manifest. The practice of coming back to the focus while we are in the dance is the meditative component. There is also a therapeutic component in that as we dance and continue to come back to the focus, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that are wrapped up I the focus are revealed through the dance. There is a inspirational component in that the movement itself often shows us what is blocking up from allowing a solution. Often the solution is revealed. Sometimes a practice is revealed. Sometimes all we get from the dance is a movement past the places that felt blocked.

The writing component, the part where we write down what we are dancing for and as we dance check it off allows the left-brain energy within us, the list maker to know that something has been documented and done. However, the process itself is more right-brain inspired, allowing for non-sensical spaces to explore whatever we are choosing to develop or evolve.

Each dance spell is between 3-7 minutes long, depending on the song length. This is not a long time to hold a focus. The song itself creates the time container. At the end of the spell there is an invitation to write down any insights, inspirations or ideas that came through the dance.

The purpose of Dance Spells is to create emotional states that line us up with our higher selves and an open mind and heart. The way in which we release each dance spell at the end of each song allows us to clear the slate, know that we have made the offering and that we are not leaving it in the hands of the universe to show us something beyond our rational expectation. In a way, this is an invitation to the higher mind/soul to allow for a higher form of creativity that that available when we are consciously courting the unknown.

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