Embodied Astrology, Human Design & Tarot with Maria Skinner

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Your Astrological Voyage:
Chart Readings, Classes, Individual Mentoring

In my readings, I offer you something grounded, beautiful and REAL that you can apply to yourself and your life this very moment. I incorporate my movement training, offering body centered practices to help you embody and embrace all of who you are. In your reading with me, you will get information and initiation that you can run with and immediately incorporate in your life.

I offer natal, transit & composite/relationship readings, workshops and ongoing classes. I am also available to as a mentor or coach to those who are entering their journey into Astrology or want to use the astrological map as a guide for themselves and others.

Human Design adds another dimension to my astrological consultations. Human Design is a blend of astrology, I-Ching, Tree of Life & the new 9 chakra system that we are emerging into. The HD chart shows you how your energy was designed to move and thrive, working with deconditioning (letting go of all the ways in which you were told or thought you should do things). For instance, I found that in my HD, I make decisions based on my Emotional Authority (connected to my solar plexus). My energy is designed to wait until I have moved through a full emotional cycle before I make a final decision. This has freed me up in so many ways. I used to feel that I had to decide on things right away and that if I did not, I was being wishy washy… but no, waiting is good for me. So much freedom comes with knowing this. And it has been so interesting to watch the disassembling of my old “should” pattern around this. Other people are Gut Authority and really do know right away. Others have Splenic Authority and need to go spend time alone to make a decision. We are all different and liberation comes living the way we were individually designed!

Types of readings:
60-minute Individual Astro Readings are $175 (choose this if you are a new client)
45-minute Individual Astro Tune-Up Readings are $150 (available to returning clients)
15-Minute Tarot Reading are $45
$250 for Astro Relationship Reading
$100 for personalized 60-minute astrology or tarot classes.

Once we set up an appointment, Maria will send you a paypal $ request or you can pay via check, cash or Venmo: @Maria-Laura-Skinner

To make an appointment contact Maria:
978-314-2735 or

Maria is also on Everclear. You can find her on the app here. Readings on the Everclear site are charged by the minute.

Maria Skinner has been practicing Astrology since 1988 and Tarot since 1992. She has been incorporating and cultivating body-oriented practices into her astrological and tarot offerings. Embodied learning, sensed & felt in the body, is the best way to truly align with the cosmos both above and below, inside and out and live your most vibrant life.

If you are interested in learning in an embodied way, I am ready for you!

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