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Trainings 2021 with
Maria Skinner

Maria has been an Ageless Grace Educator since 2011 and Trainer since 2014.

April – Two Tuesdays: April 13th & 20th

June – Mon & Tues: June 7th & 8th

October – Mon & Tues: October 25th & 26th

First 4 hours of each Training is the Seminar which is open to anyone who wants to learn the 21 Tools.

What You’ll Learn:

The 4-hour Seminar is to gain an understanding and knowledge of how and why the 21 Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease work, how to practice them on your own, and how to develop a daily habit of practicing 10 minutes of the tools for on-going development of neuroplasticity. The price for the Seminar is $55.

The 13.5-hour Certification is specifically designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace Brain Health Educator and be able to teach group classes or private one-on-ones with clients and students. This Certification goes into depth about the primary and secondary benefits of each tool, how they are practiced, music suggestions for practice and creation of playlists, safety and precautions, PR and marketing skills, types of places hiring Ageless Grace Educators and ways to approach them, basic anatomy, how to organize a class format, and a wide-variety of ideas on how to teach these spontaneous in-the-moment tools that are sparked by imagination and creativity, memory and recall, kinesthetic learning, analytical thinking and strategic planning. The fee is $390 an includes materials.

What is Agless Grace Brain Health Fitness?

Ageless Grace consists of 21 Simple Tools of Lifelong Comfort and Ease – activating all 5 areas of the brain and addressing all 21 primary “aging factors” of the body. It is based on the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity, with practice sets (or tools) that are designed to re-open the neural pathways created from the time we were born until we were about 18 years of age…. and the tools create NEW neural pathways by practicing physical and mental skills we do not already know how to execute.

May 28, 2021

12:00 PM(UTC)

60 Minutes

The Endless Movement

Watch our award-winning showreel: 2020 — The Endless Movement.

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“I really enjoyed the lesson. I certainly would recommend this lesson to total beginners and to people like myself who need to consolidate the knowledge that they have attained over time.”
Beth S.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better grounding in digital photography, understand the strength and weakness of my camera. It was the best way to flatten out a steep learning curve!”
Mason D.