Astrology for the New Earth


I am piloting a program for a new way to learn astrology in the month of April that I plan to roll out this summer. I am calling it Astrology for the New Earth. Although we have many planets in our charts, Sun Sign astrology has encouraged the identification with one sign.  This simplification encourage a powerful identification with the ego (which what the Sun is about) and diminishes the wholeness of the chart. It is important to find our uniqueness as individuals, but not at the expense of everything else. This journey we will take together is one of wholeness, of embodying all the 12 energies reflected in the Zodiac to create an appreciation for the diversity and similarities that we all share. We will be using sensation, imagination and intuition to learn about the astrological symbolism. Although we are using the lens of astrology, my larger goal for this work is that it will be a model for us to look into ourselves and into the world and lovingly accept it all as a part of ourselves.

As an astrologer, I have focused on the descriptive, instructive and inspirational aspects of the chart. I find in reading charts for people that the greatest gift they receive is the affirmation that they are who they are, that they are unique, and that they are whole. This interest in the whole is what attracted me to astrology in the first place. I was intrigued by how much of me I was able to allow myself to be after learning about my chart. I was also in awe of all the beauty inherent in the diversity. I used to wonder what the world would be like if everyone could live into the potential of their chart, owning all that they were without projecting, suppressing or repressing the aspects of themselves that they had not yet embodied.

Lately, I am becoming more interested in using the chart as a path connecting to the whole and expressing as a whole being. The potential for feeling both whole and part of a whole has moved from the purely hypothetical to the practical, partly through this practice of reading charts. My question when meeting a part of the chart that might be uncomfortable or expressed as shadow is how can this aspect be embodied and expressed in the healthiest way possible? I am intrigued by this the and by transformation that happens when we bring one of these denied parts of ourselves home.

One prime example for me is the Square between Neptune and Mars in my chart. Traditional astrology would say that I am going to be have men in my life that are poets, musicians, alcoholics, drug users, dreamers, spiritual, unrealistic, elusive; all or any of these depending on how conscious they are of their own need to merge with collective emotional field. And yes, for many years, all the men I was involved with were some combination of the above. However, because I was not yet meeting this energy inside of myself, the men I attracted also depleted my energy and drove me to lose my sense of self. I felt seduced at first and then sacrificial as I found myself playing the role of the responsible one.

I remember very clearly the day I realized that what I was really looking for was the musician and poet within myself. Knowing that this aspect was in my chart had led me to explore it as part of me. I saw that what I wanted was to be seduced by my own muse, to be the dreamy one. When I found it outside of myself it came in a warped way. I understood that to have the clearest expression of this energy, which is a kind of spiritual warrior, I needed to cultivate the ethereal poetic energy in myself. I called one of these men, whom I had loved dearly and continued to be friends with, and told him that I realized that my attraction to him was not so much about him but about the me I saw in him.  In that moment, I felt like I set myself free.

I am still attracted and attract men who are in relationship with the emotional collective field, but now they are healthier in their expression and responsible beings. They are supportive of my path and I no longer feel like I am losing myself.

This next phase of astrological exploration goes even beyond even this kind of embodiment, beyond specific aspects of the chart that I may not be expressing fully. The astrological chart is round, it is a circle that contains a whole and within that whole the matrix for our personal energy. What I am curious about and what I am exploring in this new class is what happens when I open up to all the energetics in the chart, even the ones that do not have a specific channel within me. I want to live in the shoes of all the signs of the Zodiac using sensation, imagination and intuition. This is the journey I would like to offer you on as well, honoring your body, mind and soul within the whole.

If you are interested, please email me at I will keep you all on my list. Please pass this on to others in your life that you feel are ready to embody the whole.

By mariaskinner

I am a BeSoul Dance & Dance Spells founder, a Certified Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer, and former Nia White Belt Trainer. I am also an Embodied Astrology practitioner surfing the unseen.

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