Studio as Blank Canvas

Facebook sent me a memory from 4 years ago when Starfish Dance & Yoga was in full swing. It was an invitation to a Pop-Up dance party with Amy Podolsky & Lisa Pearl. An image of the empty studio came into my head, and then of it being filled with dancers for that event. I…… Continue reading Studio as Blank Canvas

Starfishing in New Waters

What a year this has been! In February 2020, I was teaching BeSoul classes at On Your Toes & Dragonfly Wellness and getting ready for Ageless Grace Trainings in various locations. Then mid-March, I found myself in my home studio on a fast learning curve on how to use Zoom. I went from driving out…… Continue reading Starfishing in New Waters

Play is My Revolution

Brains and Central Nervous Systems change. It is what they do.  We are always adapting to meet our environment, sometimes more gracefully than others. Well-being depends on our ability to be adaptable and also maintain homeostasis.  We are also free, we can choose to change and go with the flow or choose to do the same…… Continue reading Play is My Revolution

Meditation on meditations

What do you do to quiet the voluminous thoughts in your mind? There are many paths of meditation. Silent sitting meditations are more associated with the masculine path and require stillness of the body and inner silence to quiet down the mind. It is a way of learning about ourselves, making space to hear all…… Continue reading Meditation on meditations

Astrology for the New Earth

I am piloting a program for a new way to learn astrology in the month of April that I plan to roll out this summer. I am calling it Astrology for the New Earth. Although we have many planets in our charts, Sun Sign astrology has encouraged the identification with one sign.  This simplification encourage…… Continue reading Astrology for the New Earth

Cilantro, Take Me Away!

At StarFish Dance & Yoga, Sarah Shulman and I have been holding a monthly class where we learn to use essential oils for emotional support. Each month we all go home with a small vial of oil that is the perfect one for the feelings and emotions that we are moving through. We pick the…… Continue reading Cilantro, Take Me Away!

Nutrient Dense – Guest Blogging by Chad Skinner

Alchemy Farm and Apiary is Chad Skinner’s project in sustainable lifestyle. Recently he has taken on growing food and plants with Nutrient Dense practices. Here is the scoop on what nutrient dense is. To contact Chad, you can reach him at THE NUTRIENT DENSE STORY Hundreds of years of agriculture have depleted the soil’s…… Continue reading Nutrient Dense – Guest Blogging by Chad Skinner