Meditation on meditations

What do you do to quiet the voluminous thoughts in your mind?
There are many paths of meditation. Silent sitting meditations are more associated with the masculine path and require stillness of the body and inner silence to quiet down the mind. It is a way of learning about ourselves, making space to hear all that we tell ourselves and get connected to a larger self. This quieting of the mind creates space for the wise inner voice, to calm the systems of the body so that the natural healing abilities of the body can shine, and allow for a deeper flow of creativity. This is the contemplative path.
Movement meditation is associated with the feminine path and requires surrender to the flow and can help is release stuck emotions, shake the mental loops around, show us another way to move through situations. Although it is an active path, movement also creates peace in the body/mind so that we can hear the inner voice, calm the systems of the body allowing the self- healing abilities to thrive, and stimulates creativity.  This is the ecstatic path.
I feel both are necessary for each person to cultivate in a way that works for them. The balance is important. Practicing both on a daily basis, builds the neural pathways that lead to inner peace. Having these tools at our fingertips gives us a place to go when things get tough. Stressful situations are potentially all around us  but is how we feel them from the inside that shapes our nervous systems long term.
On a very basic level, both kinds of meditation enhance self & body awareness that help us get to know themselves and  notice the stress response before it becomes acute. Meditation also creates awareness of the moment to moment life we are living and we can more deeply intend to enjoy and savor the beautiful things that surround us. The inner voice that only speaks of love gets louder when we make space to be with it.
Looking forward to meeting you on the dance floor or on the meditation pillow!

By mariaskinner

I am a BeSoul Dance & Dance Spells founder, a Certified Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer, and former Nia White Belt Trainer. I am also an Embodied Astrology practitioner surfing the unseen.

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